Glenasmole Campus

With the recent land conciliation, the possibility of developing the external surrounding land around the centre, where families could truly experience the environment of Glenasmole was started to be explored. In 2019 the SDCC “Have Your Say” the participatory budgeting initiative, where the Public vote on various project for council develop. The Glenasmole project received approx. 1500 votes. The Glenasmole Campus was allocated a portion of the SDCC “Have Your Say” budget to help develop an intergenerational outdoor activity space for use by the community and other visitors to Glenasmole, including a playground, picnic area, information points, tree walk, natural sheltered areas and a bowls space. From the concept design, the following items were expressed for inclusion in the new campus budget.

MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area)​

The vision is to transform the existing 30-year-old Tarmac Tennis Court into an All-Weather Safe playing surface for all seasons.

Play areas and equipment for all ages​ 

As the community includes all ages and abilities from cradle to twilight years the vision is to cater for all. Please see the selection from the Vision Document. To give tools where children can let their imagination take control as they learn how to interact with nature and others.

BBQ and Picnic areas​ 

The vision is a community area where all can meet outdoors and socialise while enjoying the natural environment of Glenasmole.

Boardwalk, Paths and Storytelling Circles​

To let all explore the full area of the campus with a stop of point to rest and chat and exchange tales of the world.

Kids Cycle track​

A cycle track for safe cycling away from all motor traffic. While the younger generation enjoy the fresh natural enviroment.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment​

Exercise equipment that everyone of all ages on natural type equipment, can ensure both body and mind get the healthy benefits of Glenasmole.​

Local History, Folklore and Nature Display​ 

Glenasamole is rich in history from all ages that can be displayed, and visitor to the campus can make and get a connection to the myths of the area

Shelters, Hideouts and Hangouts and Plots​ 

In location’s on the outer reaches of campus to give shelter and hide so full area of campus can be used by groups in all weathers to chat and socialise.​

This phase of the development is currently at the final design stage and will be subject to planning, detailed design and tender stages, the exact provision of facilities will be dependant on the outcome of those stages and budget availability.