Where It Started

The Community Development “Glenasmole 2022… and beyond”  started in 2017 with the Dublin Rural LEADER “Rural Challenge Programme” to ask the community how and what it wanted for any upgrade of the current facility. In January 2018 a seeding meeting was held to plant the seed of what could be achieved. Those seeds have grown into the Glenasmole Community Facility that is on the way. In to the Glenasmole Community Facility that is on the way. Below are the main items the community would like to see expanded and explored with a view to becoming reality.

When the community spirit was tapped into the whole project started to unfold in an astonishing direction. With the recent land conciliation, the possibility of an internal and external community facility became realistic. The project has been broken down into a number of phases.

Phase I – The redevelopment of the Community Centre

Phase II – The development of the External Campus on community property.

Phase I - The New Community Centre

The new centre is on the program to be completed in 2022 reaching the ambitious timeframe set back when the project was started in 2017 to have community consultancy, planning, full design and construction completed by 2022.

Planning was granted in 2019 and with our funding partners, Dublin Rural LEADER and The South Dublin County Council, the fully detailed construction design was finished in summer 2020 and tendered through the government e-tenders platform.

DH Contractors are the preferred tender and construction will commence before summer 2021.

To ensure the community remain the beating heart of this project a major fundraising drive will also commence in 2021, your support to this project will ensure this facility remains community-owned and community-run for all our benefit.

Phase II - The New Community Campus

With the recent land conciliation, the possibility of developing the external surrounding land around the centre, where families could truly experience the environment of Glenasmole was started to be explored.

In 2019 the SDCC “Have Your Say” the participatory budgeting initiative, where the Public vote on various projects for the council to develop.

The Glenasmole project received approx. 1500 votes. The Glenasmole Campus was allocated a portion of the SDCC “Have Your Say” budget to help develop an intergenerational outdoor activity space for use by the community and other visitors to Glenasmole, including a playground, picnic area, information points, tree walk, natural sheltered areas and a bowls space. From the concept design, the items on the campus page were expressed for inclusion in the new campus phase.