Look at the change in the centre that’s happening in the Dublin mountains. It wont be long now this the Glenasmole Community centre is complete.  Where the bright future will be accessible to all. 

When we can all meet and chat in the natural relaxed environment to enjoy Glenasmole.

Take a look at how we are doing as we close in on completion of the Glenasmole Community Centre. As the vision (the visualization below from a few years ago) compare’s with  to the present currently reality that is starting to happen.

Take a look around and we will see you this summer 2023 for a tea or coffee and a chat, where all your troubles will melt away in the natural beauty of Glenasmole.

Awaiting your return or visit to the Valley.

As the Glenasmole Community Development comes near completion, let’s take a look at the journey we have been on in the transformation of the old Community Hall.

From the enclosed Precast Concrete Panels with overhead gas heaters, suspended timber floor with no windows and plastered ceiling.

Upgraded with Underfloor heating from electrical heatpump’ s with triple glazed windows and vaulted roof with original trusses exposed in all there glory.

The much-needed upgrade to meet modern standards, still respect’s the work of the original generation who built the centre 50 years ago. Where both with the work of today can sit hand and hand in the new centre.

Can’t wait till we all meet again in Glenasmole

The winning number of the Glenasmole campervan draw was -1614

And the Lucky winner is Ailish Malone

Congratulations Ailish, Well done.

Thank you all for your valued support to the draw.

Thank you to.. left. John Lee,
centre Bridin Carey and on the right Andrew Timmons as our independent adjudicator

July 2022 Update as finishes come into sight

Things are really starting to close-in on the new Community Centre’s completion date.
The internal finishes are now underway, it’s getting close now for everyone’s return to Glenasmole. Can’t wait to see you all at the centre.
Due to the unique location, the final leg – the extensive groundwork is starting next week. Where a current expected completion date of the centre in Autumn is on the cards.

The Monthly Update on the “Glenasmole 2022” Development is now seriously looking at the finish of the project.
– The vaulted roof/ceiling panels are completed.
– The heated polished concrete floor is completed.
– Aluminium Windows & Glazing are installed.
– Electrical & Plumbing first fix is completed.

The Past – Present & Future of the Glenasmole Community Centre

Below are the pictures of the
OLD – the 1970’s dated centre,
PRESENT -the pictures during construction and the f
FUTURE – Architect visual of the completed building

Glenasmole 2022

Another big step for the “Glenasmole 2022” Community Development today with the installation of all the roofing panels. Now we trust you can see the beginnings of the new modern Glenasmole Community Centre.

That has reached the topping off stage. From here on we really start the journey to completion, over the next few months. We look forward to you joining us on this journey by following the updates as each significant stage is reached.Thank you all for your support to date, and with all doing their part of the final push to completion gets nearer. By spreading the word, of the fundraising raffle to buy tickets and win an amazing 2022 VW California Campervan or the €65,000 cash alternative. 


With the completion now really coming into reach to achieve the standard of finish expected construction we need your support, to buy tickets @

Look forward to seeing you all this summer in the hills of Glenasmole on brighter days.

Glenasmole Community is a living part of the Glenasmole environment. The Glenasmole Community Association promote the amazing community spirit to match the unique natural beauty of this rural area of Co. Dublin.


Glenasmole, the home of Fionn Mac Cumhail’s and Na Fianna’s favourite hunting ground, a valley located in the picturesque Dublin Mountains. The river Dodder forming on the slopes of the Kippure Mountain creating the steady flow to the Bohernabreena Reservoirs, built between 1883 and 1887 for the purpose of supplying Rathmines with drinking water and ensuring a constant supply of water to the many mills along the River Dodder. Geographically 15km out of Dublin City Centre, yet a world away in rural Dublin.


At the core of Glenasmole, is the Glenasmole Community, an engaging and active part of the environment. The Glenasmole Community Centre has built a remarkable community spirit, matching the distinctive natural rural environment of the area.


The Glenasmole diaspora has reached all corners of the world from the USA to Australia and across the four provinces of Ireland. Whether you are living in the area, have a recreational interest in the area or have a connection with Glenasmole. The pleasure the area has given you makes you part of the Glenasmole Community, your involvement is what makes Glenasmole so unique.


The Glenasmole Community Development Project (Glenasmole 2022…  and beyond) will provide everybody with a location within the valley to interact and engage with the environment and each other. The Glenasmole Campus will provide the opportunity for all ages and abilities to meet, be active and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of this remarkable area.

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Glenasmole 2022
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